1. I believe that everyone can learn, and that everyone’s learning style is different.  Because of this I will do everything in my power to find your individual style and match my instruction to you.
  2. I use the latest technology, including video, the Blast Golf Sensor, GC2 Launch Monitor, and the Explanar to communicate swing concepts.
  3. Our facilities are designed with learning in mind.  We have a 1600 square foot indoor teaching facility that includes a 1200 square foot putting green.  Instruction takes place year round.  Since golf is played on grass, so is our lesson tee.
  4. I stay up to date with the latest trends by attending PGA education opportunities, reading and watching video.
  5. I have over 35 years of experience teaching students of all abilities.
  6. I have been recognized by the Gateway PGA as the Teacher of the Year in 2012 and Junior Golf Leader in 2000.  These high honors from the experts in the game of golf recognize me as an instructor with outstanding ability.
  7. I love the game of golf.  It has been my greatest passion since I was 10 years old.  Because of this love, I make all things golf a priority in my life.  This means that I will teach just about any time.  I’m available when you’re available.
  8. I care about your success.  My students have absolute access to me.  I want you to get better.
  9. I believe the reason for playing golf is to have fun.  Ways you have fun are being with your friends, hitting better shots and shooting lower scores.  The journey to playing golf should be fun as well.  We laugh, tell stories, and generally have a great time as you get better.
  10. Call me at 217 228-9911 to schedule your next lesson. I can be reached by email christensengolf1@icloud.com