Junior Development


Junior Development Program

One of the most common questions I’ve received since I opened the Christensen Golf Academy in 2006, is why I don’t have a junior program for young kids.  The simple answer is that I didn’t think everything that I’d been involved with or witnessed did any good.   Since I wasn’t happy with the results, I couldn’t see why parents and kids would feel any differently.   But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking about it.  To understand what my program is about, I think it is important for you to understand my history in golf.

I got my first clubs when I was 5 years old, and I played sporadically with my dad until I was 11.  During these times, I’d hit a few shots and then pick up my ball until I got next to the green, then I’d chip on and putt out.  At 11, I started to outgrow my clubs and I asked to use one of my Dad’s.  I knocked a three iron on the green on the 4th hole of our little country club and then chipped in for a par on the next hole.    I was totally hooked.

I became a golfaholic at that point.  By the time I was 14, I was really good and got invited to play with the best players in town in a game that made my mother cringe.  (Her little boy was gambling on golf).  These men mentored me in golf. Virtually all of my great golf memories come from my days playing with these men.

I have decided to use my golf development as a blue print for the Junior program that I am developing.   The elements of the program are as follows:

Each child will be placed into a golf development pod.  There will be 8 children in each pod.  Each pod will have a mentor.  This mentor will be one of my past/current students who has demonstrated a love for the game, interest in instruction and who wants to help kids get into golf.  This mentor will schedule three monthly games with the children on the third 9 at Westview.  They will play with the kids, help with etiquette, instruction, club selection, and model for them what golfers do on the golf course.

Each child will have a monthly private lesson with Mark.

Each child will participate in a weekly semi-private clinic with Mark

The program will take place in June and July and last until August 15 The cost of the program is as follows:

Registration Fee: $100 due at sign up

June instruction Fee: $150 due on June 1

July Instruction Fee:  $150  due on July 1

August instruction Fee: $100 due on August 1


Program requirements

Children ages 8-12.  Younger children will be considered if after evaluation I determine that their current athletic skill set and maturity level is sufficient to thrive in the program and not hinder other children.

Children must have a Westview third 9 pass or a full junior pass.

Children should have their own set of clubs.  I will evaluate and help with these decisions.

They must be able to walk and carry/push their golf clubs for 9 holes.  Yep, kids need to walk when they play golf.


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