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PGA Jr. League Fall Edition

The Christensen Golf Academy will host two different PGA Jr Leagues this in 2021.

The first is the Short Course Junior League.   I will split all the entrants into teams in an effort to make even teams.    We will play three matches in August/ September/October.  They will take place on Sunday evenings.  The cost of the league is $80.  There will not be any practices.  We will just have matches. 

The dates will be as follows: August 22,  September 12, September 26, October 10.

The 2nd league will be the Long Course league.   The base course will be the ladies red tee markers.

The dates for these matches are:  August 29, September 19, October 3, October 17.

The dates that I have listed are tentative and  subject to golf course availability, and it is my intent to honor them as much as possible.  If the number of players registered dictates otherwise changes may have to be made.  We will use PGA Jr League shirts.  They are orange and blue. 

Register for the leagues below: