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Pittsfield Jr Amateur Presented by Bunge SCF Grain Pairings

Pittsfield Jr Amateur Presented by Bunge SCF Grain 

Starting Times:   Your assigned putting green time is 20 minutes prior to your tee time. You must exit the green 10 minutes prior to your time.

7:30   Cade Tomhave 

           Ross Thompson

           Rilee West

           AJ Keane

7:40. Abe Wellbourne

          Jackson Kerkhoff

          Trevor Biggerstaff

          Colin Larson

7:50. Cameron Bergman

          Blake Arnold

          Hunter Parker

          Jack Lockard

8:00  Preston Bennett

          Trace Brown

          Connor Hamm

          Jackson Murphy

8:10. Nick Finch

          Cole Willer

          Luke Mettemeyer

          Brady Walker

8:20. Maddux Gooding

          Matthew Boudreau

          Vinny Olson

8:30. Raulin Zanger

          Brennan Tomhave

          Dean Hibbert

   High School Girls

8:40. Laci Novosel

          Natalie Dearwester

          Saya Geisendorfer 

          Kara Williams

8:50. Lily Vardaman

          Caroline Deters

          Hailey Cramer

          Trinity Christensen 

9:00. Olivia Hummel

          Natalie Ames

          Lauren Williams

          Kam Burling

9:10. Kyley Rueschel

          Samantha Carmean

          Ella Goldinger

9:20.  Emily Frazee

           Aislyn Wyatt

           Natalie Hobbs

Middle School Girls

9:30.  Alli Ames

          Hannah Williams

          Belle Boudreau

Middle School Boys

9:40.  Ty Novosel

           Issa Geisendorfer
Beau Eftink

  9:50. Aiden Tangy

Ethan Darnell

           Hunter St Clair

10:00. Nick Bruns

          Max Kinnamom

          Luke Schuette

Elementary Boys and Girls. (These players may have caddies)

1:15.  Nolan Murphy

           Keeden Orpet Hulett

           Grant Lepper

1:25.  Oliver Hendrian

           Ryder Lipcaman

           Taylor Lovelace

1:35.   Isaac McGlauchlen

            Michael Lepper

            Luke Ames  

            Colby Hayes

1:45    Elle Sanderson

            Hendrix Lipcamon

            Alex Lovelace

Pittsfield Jr Amateur Presented by Bunge SCF Grain

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Old Orchard Country Club

High School Boys.  Play the blue tees (Both Sides)     

1.        2.       3.        4.       5.       6.     7.      8.       9

309   416.  461.  181.   493.   352.  160.  365.  322. Par 72

High School Girls   Gold Tee Markers (both sides)

309. 362.  372.    166.    451.  274.  147.  321.  305.  Par is 72

Middle School Boys play the Gold Tee Markers (both sides)

Same yardages as girls tees

Elementary School Boys and Girls as well as middle school girls play the Red tee markers both rounds

280.  200.   372.   125.    399.    274.   96.  281.  229.   Par is 72

EVERYONE HAS ASSIGNED PUTTING GREEN TIMES.  They are 20 minutes prior to your tee time.   The range is about 300 yards from the first tee.  Plan accordingly.

USGA Rules shall govern play, with the following exceptions:

Two drop zones are present on 7.  There is one short of the pond for balls hit into the big pond.  There is another to the right for the small pond.

Note:  There are white stakes on #6 which the club uses as an in course Out of Bounds.  This rule situation is not being enforced for the event.

Continuous Putting Rule:

The player furthest from the hole will putt out.  Upon finishing the player will head to the next tee and tee off.  The player second farthest from the hole will putt out and stand on the fringe while the last player putts out.   ( in the event a 4 some is being played, player 2 will also head to the next tee immediately upon putting out.)

Prizes will be awarded for all the top three scores in each age division.  Ties for first place will be broken by a sudden death play off beginning on #1.  All other ties will be broken by a scorecard playoff beginning on 18 and going backwards.  Duplicate prizes will be awarded for third place ties.

I am anticipating a short break in the middle of the round, due to the number of players who have entered.  You may grab your lunch either between 9’s or at the end.  

Do your best to stay at least 6 feet apart.

Score cards should be turned in at the scoreboard immediately following the round.