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QCC at River Valley June 27

River Valley.             Vs.                             Quincy Country Club

At River Valley CC

June 27, 2019

Alli Ames.                                   Isabelle Boudreau                                       430

Luke Ames.                                 Nancy Scholz                                    430

Briar Megee                              Grant Lepper.                                              440

Grady Uhlmeyer.                      Elizabeth Boudreau 440

Avery Uhlmeyer.                       John Venvertloh.                                       450

Bryce Baker.                               Michael Lepper 450

Isabella Baker.                            Wilson Freiburg                                          5:00

Chayse Uhlmeyer.                      Beckham Ufkes 5:00

Landon Schaffer.                          Ben Schelp                                                 5:10

Grace Durst.                                  Charlie Freiburg 5:10

Hanna Taylor.                               Aiden Gaither.                                           5:20

Kadence Taylor.                           Colton Baker 5:20

Stoke play

Each team will count 4 best scores in relation to par

Max score 7

Play 9 holes or 2 hours 

River Valley Orange Shirts.     QCC Blue Shirts

Please attempt to arrive no earlier than 25 minutes prior to your tee times