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QDoba Jr Amateur Tee Times. Updated

QDoba Junior Amateur Tee Times. Driving Range time & Putting Green Times

7:00. Preston Bennett. Driving Range. 6:30. Putting green. 6:40
Alex McCulla
Blake Arnold

7:10. David Hutson. Driving Range. 6:40. Putting Green. 6:50
Trevor Biggerstaff

7:20. Jack Leffers. Driving Range. 6:50. Putting Green. 7:00
Jackson Murphy
Cole Willer

7:30. Ross Thompson. Driving Range. 7:00. Putting. Green. 7:10
Rilee West
Dean Hibbert

7:40. Jackson Parker. Driving Range. 7:10. Putting Green. 7:20
Ian Cawthon
Brady Walker

7:50. Cameron Bergman Driving Range. 7:20. Putting Green. 7:30
Zane Douglas
Matthew Boudreau

8:00. Jackson Kerkhoff. Driving Range. 7:30. Putting Green. 7:40
Jameson Noble
Maddux Gooding

High school Girls

8:10 Natalie Dearwester. Driving Range. 7:40. Putting Green. 7:50
Laci Novosel
Kara Williams

8:20 Lily Vardaman. Driving Range. 7:50. Putting Green. 8:00
Lauren Williams
Haley Cramer

8:30 Trinity Christensen. Driving Range. 8:00. Putting Green 8:10
Kinsey Biggerstaff
Emily Frazee

8:40. . Driving Range. 8:10. Putting Green 8:20
Samantha Carmean
Ella Goldinger

Middle school boys

8:50. Ty Novosel. Driving Range. 8:20. Putting Green. 8:30
Nick Bruns

Beau Eftink

Middle School Girls

9:00 Hannah Williams. Driving Range. 8:30. Putting Green. 8:40
Belle Boudreau
Morgan Crist

Elementary Boys

9:10. Nolan Murphy. Driving Range. 8:40. Putting Green. 8:50
Oliver Hendrian
Grant Lepper
Colby Hayes

9:20. Michael Lepper. Driving Range. 8:50. Putting Green. 9:00
Alex Lovelace
Taylor Lovelace
Keeden Orpet Hulett

Range times and putting green times are firm.  You will be limited to shots on the range of no more than 150 yds.