QCC at Team Rickie June 28

Qcc.                  Vs.                 Team Rickie

Westview Golf Course

June 28, 2020

Andrew Ali.                               Nolan Murphy.        430

Valle Tatman.                           Victoria Wilson. 430

Reis Haubrich.                          Jackson Karr.          440

Issa Geisendorfer.                     Joel Williams. 440

Evelyn Hauk.                            Ella Ricker.              450

Elise Snider.                             Nathan Collins           450             

Hudson Hauk.                          Liam Schultz.           5:00

Jackson Smith.                         Jaxson Biswell 5:00

Jack Cook.                               Natalie Druffel.          5:10

Rocco Fimmen.                         Ricky Tracy 5:10

Hayden Moeller.                        Noah Wear.              5:20

Arie Brock.                               Isaiah Wear 5:20

                                               Alyssa Druffel 5:20

Stoke play

Each team will count 4 best scores in relation to par

Max score 7

Play 9 holes or 2 hours 

Team Rickie Orange Shirts.     QCC Blue Shirts

Please attempt to arrive no earlier than 25 minutes prior to your tee times