Speed Clinic

The Need for Speed

Every golfer in the world wants to hit it further. Every golf club and golf ball manufacturer in the world is attempting to create equipment for just that purpose. We need this technological help.  It’s made the game more fun, but it’s only going to get us so much. The world’s longest hitters are fast. Rory, JT and Tiger might look like us, but they’ve got an engine under those golf clothes that has been trained to move quickly. Mark Christensen, from the Christensen Golf Academy, and Chris Bockius from XCel Performance, Health, and Wellness, have the knowledge and a plan to make you faster.

Without further ado we present to you!

Speed Clinic

The speed clinic is a 6 week session where you will introduced to Overspeed Training. You’ll
attend Class on Friday evenings at 6 pm. (On April 14, we will meet at 5 pm)  We’ll get you warmed up and measure your driver
speed. Then we’ll take you through the over speed training.
Each participant will receive their own set of training sticks. These sticks are yours to keep, and train with. During the week between sessions you’ll do the training session on your own 2-3 times. You’ll come back on Friday evenings and go through the the protocols for 5 more weeks.  At the end we’ll retest.

the biggest  percentage gains.

The dates for the sessions are as follows:

April 14,21,28
May 5,12,19

On the 14th , and 19th we will meet at the Spring Lake Driving Range.

The other 4 days we will meet at the putting green and find an interesting training spot. As of Now I’m thinking about the strip of land west of the pool.

The deadline to enroll is April 7th

Tuition for the class is $399. This includes your sticks which are yours to keep, and continue to train with.

This training is open to golfers of all ages and abilities. Women and men, boys and girls all are welcome.

We’ll need your height if you’re a junior golfer.